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STEM Saturdays at 18022 Dixie Highway  

Drop in from 10am-1pm / FREE

Nanoscience / Legos / PopUp SCIENCE @Home kits

Imagination Playground / Dinosaur Bones / STEAM Studio Making


Sept 18/ Solar Can #2, Professor John Sowa, Governors State University

Sept 25/ Exploring Biology, Catalase Enzyme Lab, HF Science Ambassadors 

Oct 2/ Garden at Home, Professor Angela Hung, Biology, Prairie State College

Oct 16/ Creatures of the Night: Little Brown Bats, Forest Preserves of Cook County

Oct 30/ Exploring Chemistry, Marker Chromotography, HF Science Ambassadors

We are back in the building!
Visit us on Dixie Highway!


Walk Walton  

October 24, 2021 at Izaak Walton Preserve


$10 adults, Kids are Free



  •      Nature Scavenger Hunt

  •      Explorer Backpack for Kids

  •      Animals in Fall

  •      Fantastic Fall Trees

  •      Pumpkin Patch

  •      Donuts & Hot Drinks

Presented by Homewood Science Center in partnership with Izaak Walton Preserve & the Forest Preserves of Cook County

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Fall 2021 Conservation Ecology Internship

Homewood Science Center is sponsoring a conservation ecology-based internship for middle school students. This internship will complement the Ecosystems science content and the science and engineering practices reflected in the Next Generation Science Standards for middle school. This internship is a student-led program supporting student agency and equitable practices. All area middle school students are invited to apply to join us this fall in a community project to support Homewood’s Izaak Walton Preserve and Homewood Science Center through scientific investigation, discovery, and leadership!


Free webinar series for learners of all ages, sponsored by John & Elizabeth Oliver


October 14 at 7pm / Importance of Identity

November 18 at 7pm / Mental Health Matters for People of Color

December 9 at 7pm / Children's Emotional Wellness



January 13, 2022 at 7pm / Amazon Rising at the Shedd Aquarium

February 10, 2022 at 7pm / Habitats at the Morton Arboretum


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