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The Founders' Club of Homewood Science Center is a legacy group of corporations, organizations, and individuals who have offered significant support from our very beginning. Their belief in our mission paves a foundation for Homewood Science Center, while their generosity equips us with the resources to move forward. 


Great Lakes Bank Foundation

Hanson Material Service.png
Danyel Ilg
Ron Hofkamp
Jay & Amy Eagle
Pam & Tim Heim
Jim & Sue Marino
Tom & Jane Baffes
Dr. Lisa Grant, DDS
Krista Vink Venegas
Kong-Grisius Family
Vicki Burke Stevenson
Willa & Lawerence Lee
David Kennelly & Family

John & Celeste Kralovec

David & Dana McDermott

Representative Will Davis, Thirtieth District
R. Erika Schafer & David Sacks
Rob & Stephanie Applebaum
Cathy Pfister & Tim Wootton
Cameron & Michelle Nelson
Patricia & Robert Barker
Tom & Kathy Blakemore
John & Elizabeth Oliver
Dennis & Kris Cortes
Heiferman Family
The Zeinz Family
Megan Tipton
Amy Romero
Anne Colton
Cece Coffey
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