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Single Use Rentals

Conditions & Restrictions

Thank you for your interest in renting space for a single use at Homewood Science Center.

Conditions and Restrictions

  • Rental application is not a guarantee. Staff will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible to confirm if room(s) are available.

  • Food & drinks can be served and consumed in the lobby area only.

  • No Alcohol.

  • No pets.

  • If your application is approved, an invoice for the rental fee will be emailed to you.

  • Rental fee is due within 48 hours of the event. No refunds.

  • At the end of the event, garbage needs to be taken out and table/chairs returned to their original condition. Garbage bags will be provided.

* This application is for single use. If requesting multiple days or a longer-term rental option, please identify this in the description and staff will reach out to discuss availability and rates.

STEAM Studio
Space is available for up to 2 hours. Room includes a makerspace area with consumable supplies. A Smart TV is available in the room. Room rate includes 6 tables and 20 chairs/stools for children and 6 chairs for adults. Capacity limit is 20 children and 6 adults. One staff member will be onsite. Bathrooms are available onsite.

Michael Wexler Theater
Space is available for up to 3 hours. Room rate includes 10 tables and 60 chairs. Imagination Playground blocks will be available. One staff member will be onsite to support use of the AV system and guests can bring a BlueRay disc to project. Capacity limit is 60 people. Bathrooms are available onsite.

Michael Wexler Theater & STEAM Studio
Maximum capacity is 80. Spaces are available for up to 3 hours. Please see conditions above.

Your rental application will be reviewed by staff and then you will be notified of availability.

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