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Thanks for a STEM-Filled Summer!

Nine STEM events in 4 quick months!


Time flies when you're having fun. Officially established as a nonprofit 501c3 in May of 2016, Homewood Science Center, located in the heart of Chicago's South Suburbs, launched our mission with a spectrum of free science events.

  • Neuroscience, botany, physics, social psychology, earth science, and marine biology were some of the topics explored at 8 PopUp SCIENCE events. Over 1500 attendees participated, all for free.

  • Regional leaders, educators, and enthusiasts connected with colleagues during the first gathering of the South Suburban STEM Network.

PopUp SCIENCE "Science Says...Be Social"

Video produced by Haley Atherton


See what we have in store next, as we PopUp at

Homewood Fire Department's Open House

17950 Dixie Highway

Saturday October 1st


PopUp SCIENCE "Anatomy of an Emergency" from July 16th, 2016

Video produced by Anne Colton

Check out our Past PopUp SCIENCE events by visiting our website

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